Rebuilding Calumet requires new investments and expanded programs in home ownership, job creation and community revitalization. Each of these three areas is critically important in bringing forth a new vision for the Calumet neighborhood. Our partners are working together to expand existing programs and introduce new resources focused on creating a safe, sustainable and healthy community.

The foundation for this vision already exists.  Over the past few years, environmental restoration and redevelopment activities have helped to redefine East Chicago and the Calumet community.  Developers and investors from across the region have come to recognize what we have known all along — East Chicago and the Calumet neighborhood offers exceptional location, high quality transportation, and a large skilled workforce.  

As we work towards Rebuilding Calumet, we will build upon this foundation to create more opportunities for the residents of West Calumet and in doing so will help revitalize and restore this vibrant community.